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Complete fruit guide for diabetics

Diabetics have a lot of questions about fruits like what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, etc. Dr. Pramod Tripathi has cleared all queries in this video with the topic ” Complete fruit guide for diabetics” giving information about glycemic index, the glycemic load of fruits, and health benefits of eating fruit.

The emphasis is on the point that “fruits contain nutrients that are found in no other foods, so diabetics must eat fruits and not get scared of any fruit. They should try them intelligently depending on their phase of reversal. ”

It is a must-watch video for all diabetics, so do watch it.

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FFD Guide to Fruits for Diabetics

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16 thoughts on “FFD Guide to Fruits for Diabetics

  1. I am long time diabetic, more than 10 years. Mostly got more than 200 reading in FBS and PPBS. I have decided in April 2020 to reduce the same. Initial HbA1C was 10.29 Started diet plan, exercise and within 3 months HbA1C reading is 5.9.
    Now I want to join you for reversal. Your videos has helped me a lot.
    How can I join you?
    Reversal is possible?

  2. It has been last 6 months when I diagnosed with diabetes and suddenly my weight gown down to 64 to 57 kgs…. I am 32 yrs old and I am the first in my family having diabetes… No history of diabetes at all…. Plz help me so that I can control my sugar levels

  3. Doctor u r gr8. U explain each n everything so beautifully, I m a big follower of u. Can u make such videos for cancer patients. God bless u. Cancer patients need yr guidance… thanks

  4. Sir Mera ek sal pahela diabetes huwa tha. age 28 years. Main 15 days medicine leya tha. Last 9 month kohi medicine leya nehi hu Mera Hba1c 6.44 hai, fasting 99 or pp 101. Sir keya medicine Lena pare ga?

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